More and more cannabis companies are expanding their operations to meet the growing needs of their customers in every market. Canna Business Resources can be your partner in New Mexico and work towards your cannabis business goals. CBR offers plenty of services that include:

With a new and growing industry, and large cities like Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Las Cruces, we can help make sure you have all the right tools for your cannabis business to succeed. Apply today and see how Canna Business Resources can help with your cannabis financing needs in New Mexico.

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Who can Finance a Cannabis Business Loan?

Right now, there aren’t a lot of options for cannabis financing in New Mexico. Banks are prohibited from dealer with cannabis related funding, limiting your options. Luckily, Canna Business Resources has the assets available for you to use, with financing terms that can be customized to directly fit your needs. View our services or book an appointment to learn more about your options.

Is Marijuana legal in New Mexico?


Marijuana is legal in New Mexico for adults 21 and older. In 2021, limited personal possession and cultivation of marijuana became legal for the state

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how to open a cannabis dispensary

Opening a Dispensary in New Mexico

Opening a dispensary has many legal and financial obstacles that you will need to overcome, but with the industry experiencing growth and many cannabis businesses opening, now could the perfect time to start. Below are some steps you can follow if you plan on opening your own dispensary in New Mexico. Keep in mind, there will most likely be more steps than this, but we feel this will help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Begin researching and then establish your cannabis business plan.
  2. Start the dispensary licensing and application process.
  3. Work on getting financing or a cannabis business loan.
  4. Begin building your team with trusted workers
  5. Look for a location/real estate for your cannabis business.
  6. Open your new dispensary!

For a more in depth look at the steps involved, check out our blog post on how to open a dispensary. 

We’ll ensure you have enough funds to take on any project!