Services We Provide

Covered in these areas
  • Growth Capital

    Due to the difficulties many companies both directly in the cannabis industry as well as in ancillary industries face in receiving any financing options, growth capital is fundamentally crucial. Canna Business Resources provides multiple different methods to businesses to obtain financing, among them being debt and equity options. Our goal is to treat each individual business in a case by case basis and get creative in structuring and personalizing a deal that works to get our clients the working capital they need. We can fund up to $5 million on debt deals – fully unsecured and non-dilutive.

  • (CBD) Credit Card Processing

    Canna Business Resources provides cost-effective credit card processing for CBD companies within the industry. Due to the high-risk nature of the CBD industry, obtaining good rates on credit card processing can often times prove to be difficult. Therefore, we have established a more cost-efficient method and built a skilled team designated to assisting and guiding our clients through the process.

  • Point of Banking (Cashless ATM)

    Among our various services, we provide our clients with a cashless ATM system designed specifically to allow the processing of debit cards without receiving cash. Not only does this prove to be significantly more cost effective than processing credit cards, but it also minimizes the amount of cash businesses would need to keep on hand to use for transactions, which ultimately poses obvious security issues.
    Another advantage a cashless ATM system serves is the fact that the customers are no longer restricted by how much cash they have on them when they come into the store, which allows you as a business owner to maximize the return on each of your customers whether it be a cannabis dispensary, CBD retail location, etc.


    We here at Canna Business Resources have established an ACH Banking System that provides our clients with a simple, easy to use interface for managing all of their company’s payment processing needs. Our product is very easy to integrate with existing business and accounting systems – everything from websites to back-office.

Our goal is to pioneer and provide all of the essential resources to help businesses in the cannabis and CBD industries thrive.