More cannabis companies and cannabis growers are expanding their operations to meet the growing patient and consumer need in every regulated market. New Equipment acquisitions and the ability to leverage existing equipment is critical to both growth and efficiency gains and CBR provides financing programs that have some of the most competitive terms in the market. We have expertise across the value chain which we can leverage into the ability to provide financing for almost any major piece of cannabis equipment, including specialty equipment for the hemp and CBD industries.

  • TERMS: 12-18 MONTHS
  • FACILITY SIZE: $100,000 – $15 Million
  • FUNDING in 5 – 7 DAYS
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Financing can be a critical component of cannabis equipment acquisition that provides cannabis businesses cash flow management, especially when executing project development and growth plans. It allows operators to structure cash outflows rather than incur large up front obligations. 

This means that instead of paying the total cost of the equipment up front, you pay smaller amounts each month until the cannabis equipment loan is finally paid off. Because of the flexibility, cannabis equipment financing is a great option for both large and small businesses.  To learn more about our options and interest rates, contact us today!


Cannabis financing can be used for purchases such as extraction equipment, kitchen equipment, HVAC, building and construction related to cultivation, and other components. With significant experience and knowledge, Canna Business Resources can answer all of your cannabis equipment loan related questions.


Large scale cultivation projects require significant planning for key purchases. Having the right tools to grow marijuana can give you a significant jump over the competition.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Manufacturing methods and capital equipment rapidly evolve. Being able to receive up-to-date equipment with a business loan can be extremely beneficial. 

Kitchen and Storage
Kitchen and Storage

Rapidly expanding product offerings require next gen equipment with longer usable lives. When you begin producing more product, your kitchen and storage needs for cannabis grow, too.


We also offer a hybrid product that combines the power of equipment LTV with our working capital lending capability to ensure you have the cannabis growing supplies you need. 

Structural Flexibility

Most equipment providers require some form of down payment to secure an equipment purchase and ensure timely delivery. Depending on the type of business or equipment, and the borrower’s credit profile, our investment team can structure a term and monthly payment that suits our client’s needs both in terms of timing and cost of capital. In the cannabis industry, growth is not forgiving. CBR understands the need to move quickly and can provide cannabis equipment financing to help ensure timely delivery of key pieces of equipmentAPPLY NOW

Equipment Collateral

Cannabis Equipment Financing vs. Cannabis Equipment Leasing

There is a big difference the way we view equipment. With equipment financing, that equipment is yours, and you should own it! Canna Business Resources provides bespoke financing capabilities to acquire equipment, or financing equipment that has already been purchased, to provide operators equity. In different lease option scenarios, we would own the title of the equipment and give you the opportunity to repurchase it from us at the end of the lease life. 
We don’t want to own your equipment! We want you to own it, use it, and grow with it. We want to be your financial partner to accelerate growth. For more information on our cannabis equipment financing solutions, speak with one of our experts today. 

Learn More About Cannabis Equipment Loans

m If you still have questions about cannabis equipment loans and financing, you can read more about it in our blog. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers that will make you an expert on cannabis equipment loans. By the time you are done reading, you will have insight on what it takes to apply for a loan, what types of cannabis equipment you can finance, and much more. 

We’ll ensure you have enough funds to take on any project!