Credit Card Processing for CBD companies:

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Credit Card Processing

We provide cost-effective credit card processing for the CBD industry. We know that it is very difficult to get good competitive rates on processing in a high risk industry such as CBD, so we have implemented a cheaper way to do so, and have a team designated to walking you through the process. This will ultimately save you both money and time, because you will have our team managing the process along the way from initial setup to troubleshooting.

CBR Discount program:

Imagine having more money in your pocket at the end of each month. More money to help your business thrive while being fully compliant with the rigorous rules of the credit card network. CBR’s discount program integrates the best elements of cash discounting and surcharging so you can legally share your credit card processing costs with your customers. Maximize your profits by selecting the pricing structure that works best for your business and customers. With cash discounting, customers who pay with cash or store-branded gift cards receive a discount.

Customers who prefer to pay with a credit card or debit card will see a non-cash discount adjustment on their receipt. Surcharging is similar in that your customers cover credit card processing fees rather than the company incurring the cost, but it’s only allowed on credit card transactions and is prohibited in six states (Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma).

What we can provide through our credit card processing:

Our team is among the best in the industry. We can have you set up and ready for operations within 3-5 business days.


Our devotion to service professions can help provide insight into submitting a proper and complete application package to underwriting.


CBR is a true industry competitor. Here at CBR, we recognize the value and importance of long-term relationships
with our clients. Thus we keep our fees low to ensure transparency with our customers and keep them returning to our resources.

All CBR processing solutions accept all major credit cards such as, american express, visa, mastercard, & discover.


What you see is what you get. New CBD/Cannabis merchant account applicants will receive an all-inclusive quote on fees, which are based on total transaction amount. Transparency with our clients is a high priority for us. Our clients will never be charged a hidden fee again with our solution.

Our industry tested and proven processing gives our clients the confidence they need to do business smoothly and efficiently.


Our excellent hardworking representatives can not only solve our clients existing problems inhabiting their business, but identify them before they even transpire!


Credit Card Split Financing:

Business financing structured with a variable payment as a holdback percentage of credit card processing batch.

Example: if we structure an allocation for $100,000 at 10%, the total payback is $110,000, which would be paid back by taking 10% of the credit card receivables. This is ideal for companies with heavy seasonality because in the slower months the obligation reflects a small dollar amount in regards to the payment.

We'll ensure you have enough funds to take on any projects!