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CBR is a privately owned direct lending company for the Cannabis Sector. With limited banking options for the industry, we fill a much needed void in a rapidly growing industry. With over 25 years experience in the banking world, CBR is transforming into the #1 source of capital for companies from Cannabis to CBD and all other various unique companies in between.

We care about our customers and work with each business owner individually to understand their needs and help them grow their business. CBR is not just a funder; we are a partner. We lead with integrity – across the board, our leadership and staff put the client first. We believe that each individual company requires a specific level of care and creativity. There is no one-size-fits all product, we create a specific, creative approach that works for YOUR company. Our products include but not limited to.


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Recent Transactions

CBR has provided multiple unsecured debt facilities to a dynamic management team allowing them to grow
their business to be one of the largest retail dispensary chains in the country. Our capital allowed the chain to make an acquisition of two smaller dispensaries without having to partner up with a venture capital firm. “The support of CBR has been a key component of our success. Having access to capital that we did not have to sell equity for has provided us with a competitive advantage and permitted us to grow our business with confidence across several states,” stated the Chief Executive Officer

One of the largest, wholesale CBD companies in the country required a working capital piece in order to grow their business and take advantage of new market opportunities. CBR established a competitively priced working capital facility that allowed the company to maintain its rapid growth. Not only was the company able to take advantage of their free and clear equipment for their own use but have even taken the next step in becoming a referral partner with CBR. As a wholesaler with retail connections, this company has connected CBR with over 30 retailers that have used our non-dilutive capital. As a partner with CBR, this company has fully enjoyed the upside of over $500,000 in gross referral fees paid by our company.

A boutique dispensary in california about to close on an equity raise required a short-term bridge until their $2 million equity raise came through. This transaction was done, start to finish in 24 hours. The customer only needed the capital for 3 weeks so we creatively structured a 3 week non-dilutive bridge to the closing. Instead of giving away equity or putting up an asset, the company was able to retain value for a bridge that was fully paid off within 3 weeks. We still remain a proud partner as the rapidly growing company has now used CBR for 3 different bridge transactions.

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