How to Hire for My Cannabis Company

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, and a lot of companies are struggling to find the perfect employees, and it’s no different with the cannabis industry. No matter what type of cannabis company you are operating, hiring new employees to keep up with customer demand is huge.

The cannabis industry is continually growing, so make sure you have everything, and everyone, in place to succeed. Businesses can’t run without good employees. Make sure you are doing everything you can to hire the right people and retain employees with your company culture.

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent for Your Cannabis Company

While we can’t guarantee that we have all the answers, we do have some best practices you can use when looking to hire new employees for your cannabis business.

  • Have a high value job posting

This is the first step in hiring great employees. Take the time to lay out the details of the job and show potential applicants what they will be doing. This also helps you better understand what type of person and set of skills you are looking to hire for. If your job posting is too vague or not detailed enough, its going to be hard to determine if applicants are right for the position.

  • Recruit from multiple channels and different industries

Just because you are looking for someone to work at your cannabis business, doesn’t mean that they must already be working in the cannabis industry. Depending on the type of job posting, a lot of skills can be transferable between careers, such as customer service, sales, accounting, and more. Take the time to really look over the applicants resume and see if the skills they’ve acquired in their current or previous positions would translate to the cannabis industry.

  • Experience isn’t everything

When it comes to the employees you are looking to hire, there are a lot of skills that don’t show up on a resume. Just because someone doesn’t have a lot of experience in the workforce or in a specific job role doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t do the job. As a hiring manager, you should look for intangible skills like leadership, communication, dedication, and strong work ethic.

You never want to miss out on the perfect applicant just because they may be lacking some experience. Take the time to meet face to face or have phone conversations to really get to know what kind of worker they are.

  • Provide high-quality training

Once you’ve found the right hire, its important to get the up to date on how your operations run, no matter how experienced they are. Companies run differently, and you want the new hires to be as knowledgeable in the new process as they can be.

Not only does having high-quality training benefit your company, but it is extremely helpful to the new hire as well. Having the proper training in place shows the new employee that your company is dedicated to a process and gives them the confidence to do their job correctly.

  • Cannabis loans help with paying employees

Once you’ve hired the perfect employees, you then must make sure you are compensating these great employees with a fair pay. Running a cannabis company isn’t cheap, so having enough capital to pay your employees can be difficult, but you can help ease the pain by working to get a cannabis business loan.

With the help of cannabis business loans, you can provide a great pay while also tackling the everyday expenses of running a business. Cannabis business loans can be used to help pay your employees, which can help increase your employee satisfaction and retention.

If you find that your business could benefit from a cannabis business loan, contact us today and we can help. Working with a cannabis lender like Canna Business Resources can be an extremely helpful too, and we will listen to your needs and find a loan that works within your budget. Don’t let great potential employees walk away just because of financial issues, talk with us and keep your business growing.

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